Working Principles of Six Sigma – DMAIC, DFSS and DFSS-IDOV


Scenario (a) Requires the Use of DMAIC for process improvement

Define: Process goals in terms of key critical parameters (i.e. critical to quality or critical to production) on the basis of customer requirements or Voice Of Customer (VOC)

Measure: Measure the current process performance in context of goals.

Analyze: Analyze the current scenario in terms of causes of variations and defects DMAIC

Improve: Improve the process by systematically reducing variation and eliminating defects

Control: Control future performance of the process


Scenario (b) focuses on process design using Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) approach. DFSS Approach requires IDOV method


  • Identify: Process goals in terms of critical parameters, industry & competitor benchmarks, VOC
  • Design: Involves enumeration of potential solutions and selection of the best
  • Optimize:Performance by using advanced statistical modeling and simulation techniques and design refinements
  • Validate: Design works in accordance to the process goals.
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