Six Sigma Techniques – SIPOC, Operational Definition

Methods, Tools & Techniques are vital to the success of any Six Sigma project whether DFSS or DMAIC. Every stage of a Six Sigma project recipe requires a mix of these methods, tools & techniques.

Let us briefly review what do we mean by these keywords.

Method is a way of doing something in a systematic way. Here word “systematic” implies an orderly logical sequence of steps or tasks. A tool provides a mechanical or mental advantage in accomplishing a task. A technique is a specific approach to efficiently accomplish a task in a manner that may not be immediately obvious.


SIPOC is a high-level picture of the process that depicts how the given process is servicing the customer. Acronym for Suppliers-Inputs-Process-Outputs Customers.

Operational Definition

Operational definition is the first step towards effective management. It helps us build a clear understanding of a concept phenomenon so that it can unambiguously measured.

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