What is SAPCAR command? What are CAR files?

What is SAPCAR

SAPCAR command is used to compress or decompress CAR files.

What are CAR files

CAR files or Compressed ARchive files are compressed binary files similar to ZIP files. SAP updates always come in CAR format. You will need sapcar command to uncompress these CAR files.

Follow the below procedure to install

  1. Copy them to a temporary directory either in /usr/sap/trans/tmp or any other folder which you can create (say, patch)
  2. Change to the directory /usr/sap/trans (UNIX) or \usr\sap\trans (NT)
  3. Use the command SAPCAR -xvf The command SAPCAR is case sensitive
  4. The command SAPCAR will decompress the CAR file and put two files (with extensions .ATT and .PAT in the /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in directory.
  5. Logon to the SAP system in client 000 as user DDIC
  6. Once in the system execute the transaction code SPAM
  7. Depending on what version are you in do the following
    • Goto Support Packages
    • Load Packages from Application Server
  8. You will get a pop up box with the list of the patches in the queue. Both the applied patches and the new ones will be listed. Hit the Back button to come to the main screen.
  9. Click on the Display/Define button on the screen


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