How to apply the downloaded SAP Support Packages and Patches

SAP-OCS-package-Directory-Screen shot


  • You will get a pop up screen with the unapplied patches.
  • Select the patch or group of patched that you want to apply and hit the enter key/icon.
  • The patch number will be defined in the queue box.
  • Goto Support Packages >> Import Queue or click the apply patch / import queue icon on the application toolbar
  • After the patch is successfully applied, you will have to CONFIRM the patch application.
  • Goto Support Packages >> Confirm Or click the confirm icon on the application toolbar.
  • The traffic light in the status box should turn green.
  • While the patches are being applied, it’ll prompt us for conformation of the changes, whether to keep the objects which have come from SAP patch or to keep existing customized objects.


  • You can compare the changes and decide to keep the changes made to the system via OSS notes or return the objects to original.

For applying SPAM upgrage patch (KDVVVPP.CAR) use import SPAM/SAINT Update menu option.



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