SAP R/3 Local Client Copy – Test Run

Before we start up the actual run of client copy we can test the client copy with two options.


You can change the profile from SAP_ALL (All Client specific data without Change Docs) to a different profile such as SAP_APPL (Customizing and Application Data without Change Docs), SAP_CUST (customizing), SAP_CUSV (Customizing and user Variants), SAP_UCSV (SAP Customizing user master records and user Variants), SAP_UCUS (customizing and user master records), SAP_USER (User master records and Authorization profiles)


Finally click OK and a “Client Copy Verification Dialog Box” will appear as below. Click on Simulation to start the client copy simulation.

Local-Client-Copy Verification

Resource Check

Click this to check resources are sufficient. Such as disk space etc. All the data to be copied will be counted without being read. Using this we can find database free space availability with amount of data going to be copied. Client copy can be done with Dialogue mode or Back ground mode.
Using Dialogue mode the copy will be configured with Dialogue work process and the screen will be locked.
Using background mode a job will be configured with the start condition and runs with the help of back ground work process can be monitored using SM37 Transaction code.


Data to be copied will be read without saving to database. Using this we can find if any inconsistency there in the data to be copied. Click this to simulate client copy. All data from source client is read but not written to target client.

Client Profile

It is a selection Criteria of the data to be copied from the source to target client. There are some client profiles already created by SAP. We have to use required profile as per the data to be copied from source to target client.


SAP_ALL – All client specific data.
SAP_APPL – Application data.
SAP_USER – User master records with authorization data
SAP_CUST – Customizing data
SAP_EXPC – Customizing with cross client data.

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