Post Installation Procedures for SAP R/3

Make sure all the below are uptodate

  • Services
  • Users at OS
  • Shared folders
  • Environment Variables
  • File Systems

Install SAP GUI on client systems and create logon pad entries.

Run SAP Server using R/3 MMC or command line

Startsap name=<SID> nr=00 sapdiahost=host name
Stopsap name=<SID> nr=00 sapdiahost=host name
Dpmon pf=d:\usr\sap\DR1\SYS\profile\DR1_DVEBMGS00_ecc6server

Logon to SAP using GUI with SAP* or DDIC into client 000

Users we have to create super user, and change the standard password.

Perform installation consistency check SICK/SM28

To find the inconsistency between os kernel ,db kernel and find inconsistency between patch levels Import.

Import the profile parameters os level to sap level in RZ10


  • change the work process parameters, memory parameters,
  • login parameters and buffer parameters.
  • set the parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar=0 (in rz10)

Create SAP standard backgrpund jobs and schedule (SM36, SM37)

Create a new client and copy from 000 using local client copy (SCCL)

  • development: customizing(cust), sandbox(sand)
  • quality: test , pre test (ptst)
  • production: production (prd).

Initialize CTS (TCODE: SE06) and Config TMS

  • standard installation
  • sytem copy or migration.

Select standard installation and check perform Post installation activites set cts and perform the following steps:

  • Apply required support packs and install add-ons and pluggins (SPAM, SAINT)
  • Create a local printer
  • Check tablespace, free space stats and add required data files.
  • Take initial DB Backup either online or offline
  • Schedule SGEN
  • Create required RFC connections using SM59
  • Update DB Stats
  • Install sap license
  • Create users and check the user operations password never expires is set

Also do the following for sap accounts <sid>adm, sap service<sid>

  • SAP router configuration: Configure sap router production System
  • Check the system logs.
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