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There is a slight difference between Core and Framework PHP. The earlier is similar to using pen and paper to solve mathematical problems. On the other hand, the latter is just like using a calculator to accomplish the same task.

Core PHP:

Not every student can use paper and pen to solve the mathematical problems. Similar not every PHP developer is capable of writing a robust code using core PHP. By Core PHP we mean applying raw PHP techniques to solve a coding problem.

Framework PHP:

Frameworks make it easy for developers to write code in easy and reliable format. It is similar to solving mathematical problems easily by using calculators. Even the inexperienced developers can write reliable codes using PHP frameworks.

The biggest problem with Core PHP is that developers find it difficult to make their own logic out to get the results. That is why most of them resort to different PHP frameworks to do coding.


Frameworks have totally changed the way people used to code in PHP few years ago. Most of these frameworks are easy to use, time saver, consistent and reliable. Some of them even have advanced autocomplete functionalities and therefore, developers don’t have to write long boring codes themselves. They can develop a PHP application simply by using the framework and accessing the desired code. Although, frameworks have no solution for badly written codes yet they allow developers to write easy and reliable codes.

Enhanced Project Performance:

Everyone wants to master and use latest technologies. It is cumbersome to improve the website’s or application’s performance if it is written in Core PHP. On the other hand, you can easily improve the features by building website in framework PHP.

Is Core PHP Really Bad?

The biggest advantage of the Core PHP is that it allows you to understand the code while you write it. In other words, it is not that bad as one would think. It is especially important for new developers to learn Core PHP because it is the basic building block of any PHP code you write. Experts also argue that it is necessary to learn Core PHP to effectively use PHP frameworks.

Some Important PHP Frameworks:

A framework is a compendium of programs or software that makes it easier for you to write and implement a code. A programmer can write any kind of code in relatively short period of time by using frameworks. In this regard, following are some well-known PHP frameworks.


  • FuelPHP:

This framework works on the principle of Model View Control. It comes with some amazing plugins which make life easier for a developer. You can simple get straight to the input Uri and give control of further executions to the closure.

  • CakePHP:

One of the best frameworks to make excellent PHP applications easily is Cake PHP. It comes with a lot of amazing features including SQL Injection Prevention and Input Validation.

  • FlightPHP:

This framework is under the license of MIT and allows developers to make brilliant restful web services.

  • Symphony:

If you are an experienced and highly professional web developer, this is the PHP framework for you. It allows you to build high quality websites using different PHP variants including OROCRM, laravel, PHPBB, Drupal, piwik and eX.

  • yiiFramework:

This particular framework offers high end security. It works on the principle of Web 2.0. Some of its top features include SQL Injection, Input Validation and Output Filtering.



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