Current Content Management System (CMS) market

The CMS market is divided into two different approaches. Some systems are based on horizontal approach and support customers across a large range of industries. Some other systems are based on vertical approach and provide functionality for specialized segments such as engineering. Content Management systems are specifically available for local government offices, sports franchises, hospitals and for travel websites as well.

Very big sites which has thousands of dynamic pages need CMS such as BroadVision One-to-One Publishing, Interwoven TeamSite or Vignette V/5. On the other hand, small sites can use CMS with browser-based forms, one for each template, on top of Microsoft SiteServer or even Allaire’s ColdFusion. The most popular vendors/products in this field are:


  • BancTec – eFIRST Suite
  • Documentum – Documentum 5
  • FileNET – P8
  • Gauss Interprise – VIP Enterprise
  • Hummingbird – DM 5.0 / 5.1
  • IBM – DB2 Content Manager
  • Interwoven – Interwoven 6 Platform
  • Microsoft – Content Management Server
  • Open Text – Livelink
  • Stellent – Stellent Content Management System
  • Vignette – V7
  • DotNetNuke

Open Source

  • Mambo Server

Interwoven’s TeamSite 4.5 is a Web Content Management solution which is based on horizontal approach. It is designed to provide enterprise-wide Web Content Management to the high end companies. TeamSite’s management capabilities are provided through desktop and Java-based interfaces that appear as part of the operating system. The product has a graphical interface for building workflows that move content through the system.

WebDAV “Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning” is an emerging standard for CMS. It is a set of HTTP protocols which allow users to edit and manage files on remote web servers. Any WebDAV client can be used to connect to the CMS server and execute the methods provided by WebDAV protocol. The basic authoring capabilities available using the CMS user interface can be accessed using WebDAV.

In the enterprise Content Management category, Documentum is ideal for both Windows based agencies and agencies that have a broader set of technological investments. Documentum’s self-named enterprise Content Management solution can run on Windows-based servers, but also on Sun Microsystems Inc.’s Solaris, AIX or HP-UX. Agencies can use Microsoft SQL Server to power Documentum or other databases, such as Oracle Corp.’s Oracle9i, IBM Corp.’s DB2 and Sybase Inc.’s database offerings. Moreover, Documentum supports both the Netscape Communications Corp. and Internet Explorer browsers. This flexibility makes Documentum an easy fit in heterogeneous computing environments.

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