SAP Add On Installation Tool

The following screen wiil apper. In this screen will show the Choosen start option for the import modules

Start option

Start in dialog immediately

Start in background immediately

Start in background later


Choose the dialog box of Start in Background immediately.

It will show the below screen. In this screen installation queue and Software Components

OCS Packages for import



•You can only use the display mode

Status is displayed. Click on logs dialog box


The following  screen wiil apper



Go Back and click on ‘Action Log of The Queue’ button


Refresh to see if the background job is finished. If its not finished go back and repeat the above step. Finally you will see the Finish button. Click to finish.

SAP Add On-Pluggin installation using SAINT

SAP Addon installation tool

AddOn – Irrelevant component – Water/Electricity/Telephone

Pluggin – Relevant component – Stove/Cooker, Bulb, Geyser, DSL, FAX


Goto Menu Installation Package/Load Package From Front End. The following dialog box will appear. In this dialog, it will show the contents of the compressed files. Name, Size and Path to Target are displayed. The number of files and the total size in bytes is displayed aswell. You will see a button to Decompress the CAR file.


Choose the package and click on Decompress button.

Click On Start

The following dialog box Add-On Installation Tool-version 6.20/0020 will appear. In this dialog box will show the

select a package from the installable Add-On packages

-Choose (continue) to start the calculation of the installation queue

-Choose (back) to go back  to the overview of the installed Add-ons

-Choose (load) to load additional packages from the application server


Choose the package and click on Continue button (5 steps)

The following Screen will appear

In this screen it will show the instalation queue will now be imported with the following start options for  the individual modules:

Preparation:  Strat in dialog

Import 1: Continue in dialog

Import 2: Continue in dialog

Clean Up: Continue in dialog


next click on Start Options dialog box

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