BPM Benefits to Six Sigma Practitioners

Indeed, BPM and Six Sigma are synergistic. In fact, the combination of the two creates the most complete and robust approach to business performance improvement at the enterprise level – the likes of which businesses today have not yet seen.

Benefits to Six Sigma Practitioners

Although it is projected by Redinius that over 80 percent of companies will be using Six Sigma integrated with BPM and other performance systems such as Lean and Balanced Score Card by 2010, for now activity in combining Six Sigma with BPM is fairly limited. While more companies in non manufacturing and service sectors are starting to deploy both Six Sigma and BPM initiatives independent of one another, a combination of the two is not yet a mainstream approach. Early adopters, however, in the financial services and retail industries are starting to see results. Among the benefits to practitioners in combining Six Sigma with BPM include the following:

  • BPM helps expand the effectiveness of Six Sigma across an enterprise.
  • BPM provides assistance with tools to aid in the design and simulation of business processes.
  • BPM helps Six Sigma better capture data.
  • BPM takes Six Sigma to unprecedented levels of control and predictability.
  • BPM helps Six Sigma to link to corporate strategy or integrate with other processes.

How a Services Company Integrated BPM with Six Sigma

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