Storage Gateway

  1. All gateways are Virtual appliance (VM image) that can be downloaded and installed on a hypervisor (VM ware VSXi or MS Hyper-V) locally in your data center.
  2. Three types of storage gateways (acronym FTV File Volume Tape) are available to choose from:
    1. File Gateway (NFS Network File System mounts) stores flat files in S3 such as images, PDF/doc/xls files etc.
      1. Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier cloud storage.
      2. File gateway offers an NFS mount for S3 with local caching.
      3. It can be used for on-premises applications, and for Amazon EC2-resident applications that need low-cost file storage.
      4. No storage on premises (Only cache)
      5. No limit on size
    2. Volume Gateway (iSCSI) provides virtual hard disks. Can be used as a block storage to install OS or databases such as MySQL/SQL Server etc.
      1. Stored Volumes: All data is stored on premises and snapshots are backed up on S3 . Volume size: 1 GB to 16 TB
      2. Cached Volumes: S3 is used as primary storage. Only most recently used data is cached on premises. Volume size: 1 GB to 32 TB
    3. Tape Gateway uses VTL (Virtual Tape Library) protocol to backup virtual tape archives on S3 Glacier.
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