Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s popular cloud platform. This book will help you prepare and successfully finish AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (Released February 2018)

This book is for programmers who have at least 6 months exposure to AWS cloud. There are many books available in the market. The official study guide (OSG) for ACSA certification is what I used to get my certification. While going thru the book, I realized that even though this OSG was perfect for me with not much experience and enough time on hand, there are many people out there who are already experienced in AWS but not certified and they may not have as much time on hand to go thru this entire book as it takes up to 2 months to go thru and finish all the exercises.

So I have decided to take the summary of this book and create a smaller version with precise bullet points. This version is targeted for seasoned AWS developers/architects to study and pass the exam in just one week. By no means my version is a copy of the original book, but it is redesigned and re-written from grounds up, by keeping the original as only a model and covering all the topics and also adding many more topics since my book is targeted  for those attempting the February 2018 version of the exam.

The course is divided into topics and sub topics. For example IAM is a topic and IAM Policies is a sub topic. I try to keep each subtopic very precise with around 10 main bullet points and some of these bullet point having sub bullet points where needed. Also each sub topic covers everything that you need to understand and my own acronyms are provided where ever possible to make the point memorable. Please feel free to email us from Contact page if you think an important point is missing in the bullet point list for any sub topic, but utmost care is taken not to miss any point and I am very confident that this course is enough for you to pass the exam. Only other things that you may want to study are the white papers and sample tests.

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